The repair industry plays a vital role in the success of the Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Program. While effective tests are necessary to identify high-emitting vehicles, it is through the repairs that the actual environmental benefits are achieved. Without effective repairs to reduce the emissions on vehicles that fail the test, the program cannot be successful in achieving its clean air goals.

If you have any questions, please call 1-866-OBD-TEST (1-866-623-8378) to speak to a program representative.

Free troubleshooting seminar hosts twenty

Technicians gain useful strategies from ASE Master Tech


More than twenty people attended a free seminar presented by Justin Hutchins on Wednesday, December 1.  About a dozen technicians attended in person and the rest joined the meeting online. 

Hutchins is the owner of Sam’s Auto Shop in Racine, one of the technical assistance centers (TACs) within the Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Program.  He is an ASE master technician with L1 (Advanced Engine Performance) certification. 

During the seminar Hutchins shared a portion of his extensive experience successfully diagnosing and repairing vehicles that either failed an emission inspection or presented difficulties completing readiness monitors.  He covered many topics related to vehicles that he has provided TAC-level diagnostic assistance for after repeated emission failures and rejects. Seminar topics included the differences and importance of open and closed loop operation, the role of fuel trim, and interrelationships with O2 and converter monitors. 

The examples that Hutchins discussed are common situations that can occur, while his explanations provided diagnostic and repair strategies that could save vehicle owners and technicians time and money. Opus looks forward to presenting more TAC seminars delivered by master technicians covering topics of particular interest to automotive technicians.