Non-Recognized Repair Facility Listing
The repair shops located on this page are NON-RECOGNIZED REPAIR FACILITIES that DO NOT employ at least one technician with ASEL1, WISETECH or other equivalent training. Only emission related repairs performed at a RECOGNIZED repair facility may be used to meet the waiver cost criteria. To see a listing of Recognized Repair Facilities, click here.
TRANS 131.02(39) includes franchised NEW car dealerships as recognized repair facilities.

This non-recognized repair facility listing also tells you how individual repair facilities are doing in terms of getting cars to pass reinspection after repairs. Their overall score is listed as a percentage of vehicles passing the retest after repairs in the column labeled “REI”. This score will be updated regularly.
How to Search For A Non-Recognized Repair Facility
This guide may help you locate emission repair facilities in your area. The information is listed by city, and identifies each repair facility by Name, Address, City, Zip Code and Phone Number.

The zip code search only shows zip codes with non-recognized repair facilities. If your zip code doesn’t return any facilities, clear the search, and then use city, or another nearby zip code to search.

Search by selecting a City Or Zip Code from the list and/or entering complete or partial Non Recognized Repair Facility Name below.
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