The Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Program Technical Assistance Centers (TAC) are five well respected and highly qualified private repair facilities conveniently located in the IM program region. Each one has decades of experience in emission related repairs and is staffed by skilled multiply certified automotive technicians.
The TACs are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, engine analyzers and diagnostic manuals. The TACs are able to assist motorists on a variety of emission related issues. Motorists may use TAC services by making an appointment by calling the WIVIP Call Center at (866) OBD – TEST.
TAC services assist motorists with a wide range of emission related issues all provided free of charge, including: 
  • Diagnostic Waivers - Only a TAC can issue a diagnostic waiver.  The criteria for a diagnostic waiver are:
    • Vehicle has failed two inspections.
    • ONLY Repairs between inspections were performed at a Recognized Repair facility. (View the Recognized Repair Facilities)
    • Vehicle receives a complete, documented, physical and functional diagnosis and inspection at one of the TACs.
    • TAC analysis shows that no additional emissions related repairs could produce a passing result.
  • Diagnostic Repair Assistance - Motorists experiencing problems with repairs after failing an emission inspection may make a TAC appointment for a free diagnostic evaluation.  This free service is for analysis only.
  • Readiness Monitor Issues - Motorists experiencing problems with non-ready monitors after an emission failure and repair may make a TAC appointment for assistance in resetting them.